15 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About human marketing


Human marketing is the part of our lives that is mostly invisible to our conscious minds. There is a lot to see in the world around us that doesn’t make it on our radar.

People are always trying to sell us stuff and we don’t always buy it.

The truth of the matter is that no matter what you do, you are still selling yourself. Every item that you buy, every friend that you befriend, every relationship that you have should be seen through your own lens. The only way to make these lenses sharp is to think about them from a different perspective.

My company, a company called Human Marketing, uses this principle to build our sales force. When we ask people to recommend us to others, we look at salesperson X and ask, “DoXer X says that Y is an awesome salesperson.” A salesperson’s style, personality, and personality profile is the sum of many parts.

For some reason, salespersons also find it very difficult to tell a story. I’ve heard salespersons say that their job makes them “cold-blooded” and “mean” and “arrogant”. That kind of thing, which I find to be very, very annoying. It’s a salesperson’s job to sell you, not to tell you their life story.

If we are selling a product or service, we put a lot of ourselves in that product or service. In a way, salespersons are the product or service. Many people don’t realize this because our salesperson is the only thing they can talk about. They are in a sales position and they can only talk about themselves. So when they ask for a recommendation, they are really asking for a recommendation from the product or service itself.

People that sell products and services are called “marketing professionals.” In the same way that a car salesman can only talk about the car, a salesperson can only talk about himself. While this may be a disadvantage for the salesperson, it is actually a blessing. Because as a salesperson, you have the ability to talk about a variety of ideas, both good and bad, that you would never be able to talk about yourself.

There is a difference, however, between talking about something and actually doing it. In the context of a salesperson, the conversation is a good conversation. It allows you to learn, and it allows you to be able to tell your story and make people feel that you are a trustworthy individual in the selling process. However, if you are just talking about yourself, then the conversation is an awful conversation.

As a salesperson, you need to learn how to put yourself in your clients’ shoes. It’s easier to talk about your personality flaws than it is to tell them how your personality works. Just like a salesperson, you want to make people feel comfortable enough that they will open up about themselves. Just like a salesperson, you want to give them a sense of what you are about.

In the same way that a person would feel uncomfortable talking about their weaknesses, a salesperson would feel uncomfortable talking about their strengths. If you are a salesperson, you need to talk about what you are about. This is because the more you say, the less you know.

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