4 Dirty Little Secrets About the marketing jobs louisville ky Industry


I have been a freelance marketing/PR/advertising/public relations professional for the past 10 years. I enjoy working with all types of companies and agencies on a variety of projects. You name it, I have done it. I have worked for companies like The Children, The Blue Cross, The National, The Home Depot, and The National Geographic Society.

One of my favorite companies is The Home Depot. Recently, I was working on a product launch with a client. They were looking for a spokesperson to talk about what they were doing, and I ended up talking to their VP for Marketing. She was very understanding and easy to work with. She told me she had gotten a ton of email from people who love The Home Depot products and wanted me to speak at their events.

Being a spokesperson is easy. It’s not like getting a book deal or a new contract with a major record label. But being a spokesperson is also not a job that pays very well. The only time I could reasonably expect to make a decent living doing it was if I worked with a company that was still a startup, and in that case I’d still need to have a very nice sounding resume, especially if it were a company I was also speaking at.

I’ve had a few opportunities to work for a few companies in the past few years. All of which I really wanted to do, but the one job I really wanted to do I never got.

In the course of my life I have seen many jobs that I would have happily worked for, but never got the opportunity to do, and I honestly can’t quite explain that feeling. After a life of playing baseball, and working in a couple of different fields, I now have a degree in marketing. I know it sounds like I’m boasting, but it’s true.

So I guess its fair to say that while marketing may sound like a simple job, I feel like its still one of those jobs that truly requires you to have a lot of passion and energy to do it right. Thats why I would love to work for a company that would hire talented people with a lot of passion and energy, but I feel like that never happens.

Yes, it does. I mean, yes, marketing is a great career to have. It is a career that can make you wealthy and that is something I would love to try for. But marketing itself seems to be one of those jobs that is rarely passionate or enthusiastic. To me, that is why the marketing job market in the US often seems to be filled with people who are more interested in making a quick buck than actually working for a company that is doing something worthwhile.

The reality is that marketing is a profession that is in constant flux because you need to keep on improving and learning to stay one step ahead of the competition. You need to constantly be learning and evolving and improving your skills. But this year is not when you can learn more marketing skills than you have ever learned before.

If you want to work for a company that is dedicated to the success of their employees, then why not consider interning at the company? Because internships are the best way for the candidate to get a good feel for the company and the industry.

We have just updated our internship page to include all of the positions that are currently available in the city. We have a lot of positions available in the marketing department for the first time ever. You can read more about them on our internship page. We also have a lot of available positions for anyone interested in pursuing a marketing internship.

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