15 Terms Everyone in the marketing rochester Industry Should Know


I love marketing. It’s my job. But I love marketing more. So when I hear about a company that wants me to sell my services, or when I read about a company that wants me to sell my brand, I have to know what their marketing plan is. I can’t just pick and choose which ones I like, and what I like to do with my time.

Marketing is about building your brand and building your business. But there is a difference between brand building and building your business. Brands are a means to an end; a means to a price. This is why the same names we use when referring to brands are also used when referring to companies. For example, I am a designer, and I also work on logos, websites, and other branding projects. I like to call myself a branding consultant because I get to work with brands on their branding projects.

Branding consultant? What’s that? Are you kidding me? Branding consultants are the people who help a brand build a brand. Branding consultants are the people who help a brand build a brand around a brand. (That’s a whole other subject.) But back to our topic. Let’s talk about…

Marketing. Marketing is the activity of trying to sell something to someone. I have a new logo for my new company. That company is about to be launched. I have a website. That website is going to be launched. My company name is going to be used. My company will be in the news. I have a company blog. It will be seen by the press and the public. I have lots of press releases.

All of the above is probably not enough to describe what we do here at Marketing.

Marketing. It’s a very broad term. In many ways, it can mean a lot of different things. For example, we do not market to consumers. We market to vendors. We market to vendors to consumers. But all of these marketing activities are a part of the same thing. We do marketing for the people that we sell to.

We are a business. We sell services to vendors. We sell services to vendors to consumers. We are a business. We do marketing.

Marketing or selling your services to vendors is what we do here at Marketing.Marketing.

As a business, it is always important to note who you are marketing to. If you are a small business, you cannot afford to market to just anyone. You need to select whom you market to because there are different ways you can connect with them. Think about all the different ways you can get to know a potential vendor. Think about all the different ways you can get to know what they may need on a specific project that they may be working on.

I know that I’ve been in the tech space for a long time, and I have experienced the problems with online marketing. I can also see how a lack of marketing can affect a company’s ability to stay innovative. So is marketing as a business important? Well, yes and no. The short answer is yes, but no to an extent of some companies are completely dependent on marketing.


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